Commercial Interior Structural Deconstruction Precast Removal Health Care Industrial Government

Commercial Interior

Office buildings, restaurants, and retail demolition for renovations and returning spaces to white box conditions.

Structural Deconstruction

Project:  St. Joseph’s Hospital Medical Office Building.

Location:  Denver, CO

Description:  Separate and deconstruct a 6-story tower from an active medical facility. Implemented shoring, professional engineering, sawcutting, and crane hoists to carefully dismantle the tower without disturbance to nearby medical staff and patients.

Precast Removal

Project:  Christy Sports Corporate Headquarters

Location:  Boulder, CO

Description:  Removed precast concrete “double-tee” roof with 300 ton hydraulic crane.  Interior renovation included gutting finishes, removing M.E.P., structural wall demolition, and asbestos abatement.

Health Care

Project: Rocky Mountain Eye Institute at University of Colorado Hospital

Location:  Aurora, CO

Description:  Selective demolition of roof and building brick façade to enable expansion of medical facility.  Utilized crane to remove stairwell tower without disturbance to active hospital.  Interior demolition was performed using infectious control measures to protect patients and medical staff.



Project: Lockheed Martin Final Rocket Assembly Building

Location:  Littleton, CO

Description:  Demolition of the rocket assembly mezzanine and crane assembly in the clean room of a secure manufacturing facility.  Background checks and security clearances were required for all employees working in this facility.


Project: Denver International Airport

Location:  Denver, CO

Description:  Utilized 500 ton hydraulic crane to remove bridge deck and girders as part of the new hotel and site improvements.  Bridge remained active to airport traffic during demolition and the demolition means and methods were specifically engineered to minimize disturbance to airport operations.