Asbestos Abatement Soil Remediation Heavy Metals Decontamination Emergency Response

Asbestos Abatement

Engineered Demolition’s senior management has been performing certified removal, encapsulation or enclosure of asbestos containing materials (ACM) for nearly 30 years.  Protection of our crews, our customers’ property, the public safety and the owners’ liability is never taken for granted.  Our crews are trained in the latest regulations, technology and equipment and are experienced Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment licensees; CDPHE regulation represent some of the most stringent in the country.  We perform the turnkey abatement and demolition services, which leave out the “gap” that can occur when having separate contractors perform these functions.

Soil Remediation

In the course of demolition and site clearing, contaminated soils are often found as a legacy of earlier businesses.  Dry cleaners, service stations and other industrial production can leave behind hazardous materials that require remediation to meet state and local standards.  However, the equipment utilized to perform such work requires the same types of equipment already in place to perform the demolition:  excavators, skidsteers, loaders, etc.  Engineered Demolition provides our workers and managers with the additional levels of training (OSHA 40-hr HazWOPPER) to handle most projects, and the additional site-specific training needed for individual cases.

Heavy Metals Decontamination

Industrial processes frequently leave behind the residues of their production.  Whether its cadmium, lead, PCBs or other complex compounds, Engineered Demolition has experience, knowledge and technology to handle all aspects.  We can perform basic wipe downs, blasting or scarifying of surfaces, selective containment and demolition or in-situ treatment.  From selective industrial cleaning to complete plant decommissioning and demolition, we can handle all aspects of the business.

Emergency Response

Our management and crews have responded to natural disasters including Hurricane Katrina, to man-made disasters at Ground Zero and the Pentagon.  We have the ability to mobilize the trained manpower needed to stabilize the situations and perform the required clean ups.  Workers are trained in asbestos abatement, hazardous materials clean up, biological protections and even radioactive situations.